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Amir Perets Krav Maga Self Defense against knife

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Amir Perets Krav Maga seminar Europe Germany with michael Ruppel from Krav Maga Street Defense

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Amir Perets Mix Martial Art & Krav Maga expert on car science on fox sports

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Amir Perets on Krav Maga and self defense fitness methods at the air-force base

Amir Perets Krav Maga

Special forces techniques taught by world renown martial artist and champion Amir Perets

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Fight Science Special Forces on national Geographic Channel with Amir Perets, Krav Maga, fitness and Mui Thai Expert

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Amir Perets and Bas Rutten in motion capture for grand theft auto 4 GTE4 rockstar video games

Amir Perets Krav Maga

Seminar in Germany Essen with world hand to hand combat expert and lead instructor in Israeli Krav Maga Amir Perets

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Amir Perets, is an Israeli born American citizen who teaches defensive tactics and life saving methods to military counter terror units, federal agencies, law enforcement, entertainment professionals and civilians worldwide.

He has appeared on shows such as National Geographic, NBC Universal and Fox Sports among others.
Amir’s unique approach, which he refers to as The Four Horses, helps individuals reach their personal safety and fitness goals by tapping into their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strengths.

At age 18, Amir Perets became Israel’s heavyweight full-contact martial arts champion.

Already an expert martial artist and national champion, he joined Israel's Defense Forces (the "IDF"). Soon he became an instructor of the infantry and Special Forces units for "Krav Maga" the IDF hand-to-hand combat system, as well as an instructor for combat fitness.





Equip yourself with fighting techniques, life-saving methods and groundbreaking self-defense philosophy while getting in shape. Whether you're starting out or want to elevate your skills, train one-on-one, sign up for group training or book a seminar with Amir.





Amir provides instruction to hundreds of military and law enforcement personnel worldwide.

Refine your special response techniques, counter terror skills, defensive fundamentals and fighting mechanics with programs or seminars tailored to your physical needs, self-defense goals and line of work.




Amir offers actor training, stunt double training and fight scene choreography. From on-screen appearances to off-screen consultation, Amir's distinct knowledge behind the mechanics of fighting and self-defense adds authenticity to action sequences in movies, television and games.

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