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Amir Perets is an instrumental figure in popularizing and modernizing the self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces known as Krav Maga.

He holds a 6th degree dan black belt in Krav-Maga and is a self-defense & Defensive Tactics Expert. 


Excelling at an early age, Amir received awards of distinction for physical education and sports. At age 18 Amir became Israel’s full contact heavy weight martial arts champion (Dennis Survival Ju Jitsu); that same year he was enlisted into the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for three years of service.


During Amir's first year with the IDF, he was recognized for his close contact combat abilities and was promoted to serve as a Krav Maga & Combat Fitness instructor for infantry and special forces units. After excelling in that role, Amir reached the pinnacle of professional ability and command authority for Krav Maga instructors in the IDF when he was selected to certify instructors through the hand-to-hand combat course.


Amir was next selected to serve in the elite IDF Naval Commando Unit (the Israeli equivalent to the U.S. Navy Seals) for two years. He wrote and modernized the unit’s Krav Maga & Combat Fitness program, then trained the Commandos to execute it.


After completing three years of military service in 1996, Amir traveled to Thailand where he continued to pursue his interests in mixed martial arts. He was given the opportunity to train extensively in Muay Thai (Thailand’s famous system Thai Boxing).


In 2009 Amir was inducted into the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame for his outstanding contributions to the military, law enforcement and the world of martial arts.


In his own quest to discover the best answers for the threats of today, Amir continues to work with various professionals and martial artists. He also trains with and instructs world champion “no holds barred” professional fighters in order to give them the military fighting edge that they need. 


Amir has found a way to combine his passion for mixed martial arts with Krav Maga and fitness to offer an innovative and unique fighting system. Amir Perets Self Defense & Combat Fitness” is a simple and effective training method that allows participants to deal with both armed and unarmed assailants as well as single and multiple attackers.


Amir now resides in the United States and he is devoted to transferring his knowledge and skill set, teaching defensive tactics and life saving methods to military counter terror units, federal agencies, law enforcement, entertainment industry and civilians. He has been featured in more than 150 countries & millions of homes worldwide on networks such as National Geographic, NBC Universal and Fox Sports.

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Literally “contact combat” in Hebrew, Krav Maga is a style of self-defense that emphasizes counter attacks using basic movements and tools. As the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces, it combines effective techniques to neutralize threats, avoid harm and escape to safety as explosively and efficiently as possible. Developed specifically so everyone from elite military personnel to the average layperson could learn, Krav Maga emphasizes repetition and intuitive movements designed to prepare the body and mind to function fully under even the most stressful situations.   


Fighting is no substitute for prevention.

Most conflicts can be avoided by taking proper preventative measures, but if prevention doesn’t work, diffuse the situation safely and efficiently.


Be aware of your surroundings.

Pick up cues from your environment and people’s body language to recognize danger early, adding the element of deterrence.


Awareness fluctuates throughout the day.

It’s affected by your location, mood, stress level and activities.


Stay calm and confident.

Having mental and emotional strength contributes to how you carry yourself, and can serve as an effective deterrent.

Tactics make the difference.

When awareness fails and an attack is initiated against you, a firm understanding of tactics will increase your chances in successfully combating any confrontation.


Conditioning is crucial.

It’s not enough to know the techniques, you must trust your ability to execute and be willing to use them.


Target weak spots.

Regardless of your attacker’s size, strength and weight, attacking sensitive areas like the eyes, nose, throat and groin is usually the quickest way to combat a threat.


Focus on the basics.

Practicing—and mastering—fewer basic self-defense principles actually prepares you for a greater range of threatening situations.

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