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“Amir’s fitness routine is perfect for the Martial Artist. It will strengthen your muscles and improves your stamina dramatically. The self defense system that Amir shows you is fundamental and easy to understand. Everything that you really NEED to know, he covers. This way the learning process is simple, YET, very effective.” 

Three Time King Of Pancrase, UFC Heavy Weight Champion
USAF Office of Special Investigations, Anti-Terrorism Specialty Unit 

“To maximize learned tactics, Amir hand tailors unique physical conditioning programs for our unit based on the anticipated mission type. He is the “Go-To” expert if you need world-class defensive tactics and combat conditioning programming.” 

Law Enforcement Agency, CA

“Amir’s self-defense tactics are based on natural movements; they are practical and have real life benefits. Amir has been instrumental in my martial arts education and I highly recommend his self-defense principals/techniques to all law enforcement personnel and personal security officials.”


“As an actor I have come to him for advice and coaching when preparing for roles, and as a martial artist I have taken his classes and seminars for his superb conditioning and expert combat training. Amir Perets is the best, and no matter what your level he will elevate your game and offer you insights and techniques you can’t find anywhere else.”

“On behalf of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor Course 01-13 students, “The System” DVD set is nothing short of amazing. Amir is by far one of the best instructors I have ever met. His methodology in this DVD set is spot-on and completely in line with what I think is the most important concept, ” Brilliance in the Basics”. This product has aided me to enhance that physical, mental, and character discipline in all my students. I would highly recommend this instruction to anyone who aspire to be overall better practitioners and instructors. Thanks Amir!”  

United States Marine Corps
United States Chief Instructor, Krav Maga Self Defense System & Senior Deputy District Attorney (Criminal Prosecutor of Violent Crimes)

“Amir Perets is perhaps the most complete mixed martial artist in the world today. Period. An incredible teacher and athlete, a cutting edge fitness trainer and self-defense expert…Amir is all these things, and more! Amir’s unique training program will lead you directly to a more healthy and fit lifestyle. More importantly, he will help you to acquire valuable life saving skills, improve your awareness and your level of personal safety. He is awesome!” 

Special Operator

“Amir Perets poses a vast knowledge of weapons handling. His style of teaching is very straight forward and high energy. He uses a step by step method of instruction that allows even the newest operator to become proficient in a short amount of time. Amir is one of the most humble and skilled instructors I have ever had the opportunity to work with. “

Civilian Mother

“I am a mother of 2 and have always prided myself on being in fairly good shape. I however, was greatly underestimating my potential. When I began using the Amir Perets System, I tremendously improved my strength, endurance and overall fitness levels. This program not only got me into incredible physical condition but also taught me very valuable self-defense techniques that help me to feel more confident.” 

Retired Police Officer, Defensive Tactics Instructor and Actor

“Amir’s superb physical conditioning, psychomotor skills, exceptional critical thinking and analytical skills in self-defense and combat training that he developed as the head hand to hand combat trainer of the Israeli Sea Commando’s and no holds bar fighter’s. Make’s him amoung the best conditioning and self-defense trainers around.” 

Police Officer, Brooklyn, NY

“One night as a rookie police officer, a suspected drug dealer decided to resist arrest and pulled out a silver revolver. If it wasn’t by pure chance that I had just recently learned ‘Gun from the Front’ in a recent Krav Maga class, I do not believe that I would be here today. Simply put, Krav Maga saved my life. The techniques you teach worldwide to police officers like myself are invaluable and should be required material for all police officers. You are one of the most incredible people I have had the honor of knowing and a world class instructor. Thank you for everything you have done for me and the law enforcement community.” 

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