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Specialized Training Services for Movie Production


Amir has extensive knowledge and experience working on sets of major motion pictures, television series and popular video games. He brings his unique combination of self-defense tactics and mixed martial arts training to the big screen. Whether he is in front of the camera or working with actors and stunt doubles to improve their fighting capabilities, he brings the element of realistic fighting into all of his work.


Services Include:


-Fight Scene Choreography


-Acting (view Amir's IMDb page here.)


-Fight Scene Training (Actors and Stunt Doubles)

Acting & Movie Training


Amir Perets offers a wide arrange of services in Self Defense & Combat Fitness training.

In the Shop, you'll find a number of different Amir Perets' gear options as well as Amir's world reknown DVD, "The System," now available for digital download.


GTA IV Lead "Niko Bellic" Performed By Amir Perets & Bas Rutten


Visit GTA IV Website here.


“Amir’s vast knowledge of self-defense and weapons techniques are surpassed only by his unique abilities as an instructor. No one is a better, more efficient, more eloquent teacher than Amir. As an actor I have come to him for advice and coaching when preparing for roles, and as a martial artist I have taken his classes and seminars for his superb conditioning and expert combat training. Amir Perets is the best, and no matter what your level he will elevate your game and offer you insights and techniques you can’t find anywhere else.”



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