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Online Booking Coming Soon!

Classes Are Held Every Monday and Wednesday from 6-7 PM 

All Classes meet at Beverily Hills Jiu Jitsu Club


1080 S La Cieniga Blvd, LA, CA. 90035


(310) 854-7664

As featured on National Geographic's Fight Science, Dr. Phil, and numerous other broadcasts around the globe, Amir Perets provides in-depth knowledge through multiple entertainment platforms. 



“Amir’s superb physical conditioning, psychomotor skills, exceptional critical thinking and analytical skills in self-defense and combat training that he developed as the head hand to hand combat trainer of the Israeli Sea Commando’s and no holds bar fighter’s. Make’s him amoung the best conditioning and self-defense trainers around.” 


Retired Police Officer and Defensive Tactics Instructor


Amir Perets offers a wide arrange of services in Self Defense & Combat Fitness training. 

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