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Krav Maga Expert Amir Perets As Seen On National Geographic, Inside MMA & Car Science

Krav Maga & Defensive Tactics Expert Amir Perets: Self Defense MMA Combat Fitness Techniques

Krav Maga & Defensive Tactics Expert Amir Perets Appearance In "CAR SCIENCE" Fox Sports short.


Amir Perets special Krav Maga Seminar in Germany short version.

In the Shop, you'll find a number of different Amir Perets' gear options as well as Amir's world reknown DVD, "The System," now available for digital download.



Amir Perets offers a wide arrange of services in Self Defense & Combat Fitness training.

As featured on National Geographic's Fight Science, Dr. Phil, and numerous other broadcasts around the globe, Amir Perets provides in-depth knowledge through multiple entertainment platforms.



“On behalf of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor Course 01-13 students, “The System” DVD set is nothing short of amazing. Amir is by far one of the best instructors I have ever met. His methodology in this DVD set is spot-on and completely in line with what I think is the most important concept, ” Brilliance in the Basics”. This product has aided me to enhance that physical, mental, and character discipline in all my students. I would highly recommend this instruction to anyone who aspire to be overall better practitioners and instructors. Thanks Amir!”  


United States Marine Corps

Amir Perets Self Defense and Combat Fitness Techniques : Krav Maga Expert DVD

Amir Perets Movie Clip

Amir Perets Promo 2

Krav Maga & Defensive Tactics Expert Amir Perets In The Israeli TV Show Living In LA LA Land.

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